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Welcome to ClassicPioneer!

This is the home of vintage, classic Pioneer audio equipment from the seventies and early eighties. Information is now available. Free downloads of brochures and schematics. Manuals will follow. This is a site in constant flux, so please check back often as new downloads are added, the database is updated, and the layout of the site is changed.

Search the Database!

The database has entries for Amplifiers, Preamps, Receivers, and Tuners. No Speakers, Tape Decks, or Turntables yet. I have information, I just haven't had a chance to add it. A database search can be initiated from the top of most any page. No guarantees on the accuracy of any information, which was culled from a variety of sources.

Search the Internet!

You can search the web, via Google, from the top of the right column.

New Downloads!

Just added: The top dog of all Pioneer receivers. The Pioneer monster receiver. 12 pages, in color. The SX-1980 Sales Brochure. Very high quality. As with the others, available from both the download page and the search results page. Enjoy.

home top of page about downloads White Squirrel Media is not affiliated with Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., Pioneer Electronics of Canada, Inc., Pioneer Corporation or any company with the word Pioneer, or for that matter, the word Classic, as part of it's name.